Custom Helicopter Charter (Per Flight Unit*)


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CalvinAir Helicopters prides itself on its ability to cater to custom charter experiences, offering both privacy and luxury to our passengers. Whether you’ve booked an airport transfer, a beach day in Barbuda, or emergency services, our experienced staff will do everything we can to ensure your comfort, safety and satisfaction.

*What is a “Flight Unit?”

Your charter quotation has been broken down into the number of “Flight Units” required to complete your trip with us. Each “Flight Unit” is valued at $50 USD

The CalvinAir Helicopters Reservations Team will inform you of the number of “Flight Units” required to pay for your booking. Simply enter that number as the “Quantity” in the form above and then click “Add to Cart” to continue the payment process.

Example: A custom charter quote of $5000 USD, at $50 USD/ Flight Unit, would be equal to 100 “Flight Units” (100 Flight Units x $50 USD each = $5000 USD).